BWP S.A. is a global trading company of professionals working in wood and transportation industry.
We focus on commerce of Biomass and Wood Products from sustainable, certified and commercial managed forests.

Business Concept

Our working platform is founded on three principal concepts:

  • Commercial Approach;
  • Financial Solutions;
  • Multimodal Logistics


Most of our suppliers are from Brazil which has the fastest wood fiber growth in the world due to:

  • Optimal fiber growth climate conditions;
  • Long-term investements in land productivity (R&D);


We believe that be successful you need to expand frontiers and use all the resources available to identify and to develop an efficient and competitive operation.
We have a unique set of competencies and expertise to help you in this task.


Logistics is always changing, based on currency, fuel prices, market situation, infrastructure, international investments and cargo flow.
Therefore, our efficient and intregrated logistics solution can help the success of your projects.


One of the sensitive issues on international outsourcing is the financial exposure. With our financial team, we structure the best operational cash flow. We take advantage of the local subsidies for export, regarding taxes and loans to minimize financial costs.