Our working platform is founded on three principal concepts:


1. Commercial Approach
Link stable and sustainable suppliers with reliable buyers.

  • Defining product needs with its technical’ specification
  • Outlining volume availability for a specific time frame
  • Identify local service providers at origin and at destination
  • Add in value on the product with local partners


2. Financial Solutions
Understand the client’s financial needs and opportunities to minimize its cash exposure.

  • Structuring the operation cash flow
  • Taking advantage of the local subsidies for export, regarding taxes and loans.
  • Finance the transit time and the security stocks with credit lines provided by government banks and top financial institutions.

3. Logistics
Increase global competitiveness by developing an efficient and integrated logistics solution from the forest to the final user.

  • Identify available infrastructure
  • Chose the most efficient mode of transportation: Rail vs Truck; Containers vs Break-bulk
  • Manage agreements and contracts with NVOCC, Carriers, warehouses, trucking companies, rail and custom clearance agents.