The energy costs around world are increasing due to many political and economic reasons. However; due to current technologies our dependency on fossil fuels, and government direct interference, should not have the same impact as used to have some years ago. 

Therefore, to provide to make these technologies available to our clients and forest investors, we developed a partnership with one of the leading South American companies, focusing on Energy Solutions and ESCO.  Today we can help industries, large commercial buildings, rural projects and public constructions, with personalized integrated service, changing their fossil fuel consumption to biomass.

Our process consist in:

1) Pre-viability study (Check potential of economy savings and investment)

2) Viability Study (detailed study of costs – hardware, labor, installation…)

3) Financial structure (define sources of capital, warrantees, apply for credit lines…)

4) Implementation (coordinate the installation, purchasing of hardware and services, training…)

5) Monitoring (the results are verify via an auditing plan called (PMV) to demonstrate the efficiency and results, to prove the savings granted on the offerings.)

Our offers guarantee savings up to 30% based on current energy consumption. We should take advantage of the technology and information available today to help the Brazilian industry (today squeezed by high taxes and inflation) to increase its competitiveness and efficiency.

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