Helping fight coronavirus. Face masks for Europe

Recently we noticed that some foreign trading companies have been taking advantage of the increase in demand of medical supplies into Europe. Providing not certified products at a higher and inflated price.

We felt that we should not allow this to happen, therefore using our strong local presence with the state own agencies in China, we pre-qualified larger producers of medical suppliers with CE certification and FDA approval.

Today we support the European state agencies to have reliable products at a competitive price.


BWP SA decided to keep a stock available to cover the needs of our clients and partners. Today you can find our products in all Canton of Vaud Administration offices.
We are going far and beyond to keep our family and friends save during these hard times.

Therefore, please contact us and we will be happy to send to you a free box of 50 masks, so you can try our product
(offer valid to the first 200 contacts and it is available to current and prequalified clients and partners).

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