Barge operation from Paraguay to USA, via Argentina or Uruguay

Work with large US importers to develop the logistics from wood molding of mills located mid Paraguay to USA. We develop two solutions. The first one, using the Paranagua port in Brazil and the second, moving the cargo to Asuncion and using barge operations down via Uruguay and/or Argentina. The barge option proved to be the best one as decreased our political exposure of the Brazilian strikes and the transit time from Paraguay to the US market.


Barge Operation from Porto Velho via Manaus to USA and Europe

One of the major issues of FSC topical lumber is the logistics. We worked together with local Brazilian exporters and ocean carriers, to move empty containers from Manaus to Porto Velho in Brazil. This was a great solution to have control of the quality of the material during transportation. Developing a project with Brazilian customs, we were able to emit documents in Porto Velho, helping the cash flow of the exporters.


Cotton from Brazil to Asia

We identified the best suppliers of cotton in West Bahia and structured the logistics, from the cotton mill to the final destination. Minimizing logistics costs and transit time.


Cotton seeds from Brazil to Asia

For animal feeding, oil production and energy. We structured an export operation of cottonseeds from Brazil to Asia using containers. Great solution for small volumes delivered at your door.


Export of Eolic Nacelles from Brazil to USA

We worked together with a major wind OEM in USA to collect the nacelles produced by a local manufacturing company in Brazil. We organized the best mode, trucks and port operation. This project helped the visibility of the importer and the cash flow of the producer.


Granite slabs to Logistics and distribution in USA

We developed a project with 15 major exporters from Brazil to USA. We shipped over 140 containers per month with the goal to minimize costs by having an integrated look of the logistics. We were able to decrease the transit time, freight costs and claims. By having a complete view of the operation, we could avoid over weight limitations and extra costs at the destination by choosing the best mode and ports to work with.


Multimodal wind blades logistics operation in Brazil

We provided local support and operational solutions for a large specialty logistics company from USA, regarding a multimodal operation of Eolic wind blades in Brazil. We structured the operation from a Blade manufacturing company on the SP state, to south west of Bahia. We organized the special truck inland, permits, and road operation from Mill to the port. We work with Brazilian barge companies to move the cargo from Santos to Ilheus, and the inland from Ilheus to the job site.
With a multimodal approach, we could decrease the transit time and possible damages on the equipment.


Rail operation in Brazil for containers export

From time to time, Brazilian exporters have to deal with container shortage from the carriers and long lines to take the containers to the port. We developed a project with some shipping lines, the port of Paranagua, and the rail company ALL to give an export solution to the wood product exporters from the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. We revitalized a rail terminal in Mafra SC. This project decrease the logistics cost, and the issues with the lack of equipment and the long lines at the port. All the inland was done by rail from the port direct to the ALL terminal, which was located a few kilometers from the exporters.


Reutilization of imported containers for export in Sao Paulo State

We developed container reutilization project with one of the largest transportation companies in Brazil. The assembling lines for the auto industry and for the agricultural equipment, import a large portion of their parts from overseas. We worked with the trucking companies and the steam shipping lines to maximize the logistics efficiency. Instead of returning 1000 to 2000 teus of empty containers per month to the port of Santos, we reused the containers for export on nearby operations. We trained the drivers to check and approved the containers, we set cleaning points and we were able to decrease logistics cost from the importers and exporters involved on this operation.


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