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For the last 20 years, the corporate world had a short vision strategy, having profit maximization their ultimate goal. Today we are experiencing a socioeconomic transformation.

Now investors and corporations, have the conscience to establish social responsible practices. These actions are not just driven based on public opinion, but also to guarantee goods and services, which are vital for their core business.

We are using this same concept on our business model. BWP’s has the responsibility to identify inefficiency of trading and logistics operations. These inefficiencies waste valuable resources that could be used to increase our clients and partners’ competitiveness and results.

If you share this vision and wants to learn more about our work, please take some time to check out our services and projects.

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All international trading needs in one location. Our professionals are from the international trading, logistics and financial industries. 
To be successful you need to expand frontiers and use all the resources available to identify and to develop an efficient and competitive operation. 
BWP has a unique set of competencies and expertise to help you in this task.

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Marketing and Sales

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Loren Avila

Executive Manager and HR

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