BWP S.A. is a global trading company of professionals from the financial, commodity and transportation industry. With over 20 years of experience operating on the five continents, our mission is to maximize international trade efficiency, by decreasing the distance between reliable suppliers and prequalified buyers.



As Thomas Friedman says: “the world is flat”. We share this vision. We believe to be successful you need to expand frontiers and use all the resources available to identify and to develop an efficient and competitive operation. We call this strategy S.G.S.N (Sustainable Global Supply Network). As the world is always changing regarding costs, currency, politics, weather… you need an efficient network and integrated logistics to take advantage of these market fluctuations.

We have a unique set of competencies and expertise with international trading, financial structure and multimodal logistics. We have been actively involved on many commercial projects with the focus to open new international markets for products worldwide.



Logistics cost is one of the most relevant expenses on trading. Logistics is organic; needs to always adapt to market shifts. Therefore, an efficient and integrated logistics solution will define if the project is viable or not.

A complete view of the cargo flow will guide the decisions for choosing the mode of transportation (truck vs/+ Rail) and service providers: ocean carriers, trucking companies, terminals, stevedores, barges, and warehouses.

Our goal is to decrease the cost of distribution and inventory levels.



Our financial arm, is an independent specialized financial boutique based in Switzerland.

We understand that one of the sensitive issues on international outsourcing or sales are the financial exposure. With our financial team, we structure the best operational cash flow.

We take advantage of the local subsidies for export, regarding taxes and loans to minimize financial costs.

One of our products is to help financing the transit time and the security stocks with credit lines provided by government banks, private investors and top financial institutions.