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The increase in population, economic development, and demand for food, has a direct correlation to the increase in demand for Fiber, to be used as a biomass for energy production. However, the forest plantations are not growing as fast as the world demand.

Therefore, BWP SA is committed to make available, reliable, and consistent sources of Biomass to supply the energy sector. Our products are 100% originated from Certified commercial plantations. Take a look into our portfolio of biomass fuels and let us know, how we can help the outsourcing program of your plant or distribution.


Wood pellets are one of the ecological fuel solutions today. It is made from compacted wood industrial wastes from manufactures of wood products. It is a perfect substitute of fossil fuels (Diesel, GPL, coal…) for water and ambient heating and for cogeneration of energy. The pellet generates up to five times more energy than the regular wood and creates ten times less residuals; such as wood ashes and smoke. All the wood products are made from sustainable, certified and commercial managed forests. Predominantly softwood (pine) from south Brazil for the residential market and a mix of softwood and hardwood (eucalyptus and Acacia) for the industrial and commercial market.

The wood pellets today are divided in 3 categories.

Residential Heating: A more pure product for residential use.

  • High quality with certification ENplus A1.
  • Humidity of 6%/ ash content 0.5%/ Density 650kg/ hig calorific power
  • Packing: in 10kg; 15kg or in Big Bags

Comercial Heating: For large condominiums, schools, buildings…

  • High quality with certification ENplus A1, A2 and B.
  • Humidity of 6%to 8%
  • Ash content 0,5% to 1,5%
  • Density 650kg
  • Packing: in Big Bags or Bulk;

Industrial use: For thermoelectric plants or industries.

  • Certification ENplus B.
  • Humidity of 6%to 8%
  • Ash content 1,5% to 3%
  • Density 650kg
  • Packing: in Big Bags or Bulk;

Minimum order a full container.


We supply wood chips from certified forests reaching the highest quality standards. We have chips for the paper and pulp industry, wood panels and as raw material for energy generation.

We work with commercial forests of Pine (Elliotis and Taeda) Eucalyptus and black Acacia.

Based on your needs (product specification and volume) we define the forest to use and logistics mode. (Containers, BB, full vessel)

Minimum order a full container.


We can provide wood charcoal, with high yield, high quality, homogeneous and at very competitive price. All of our wood come from commercial, certified and sustainable managed plantations in Brazil.

We have a governance to control at origin the wood quality for the charcoal production. We are looking for high density, high heating value (HHV), and low levels of ash.

Specification of the Product:
Eucalyptus Wood Charcoal

  • Carbon: 75%- 80%
  • Ash: 3% to 4%
  • Volatile matter: 20% a 25%
  • Bulk density (kgs/m³): 250- to 300kg
  • Average Size (mm) 20 to 50mm
  • Pines content – as received (-6.35 mm)- 10% max.
  • Moisture content – 5%
  • Packaging: 3kg; 5kg; 10kg; 15kg; 20kg; Big Bags or Bulk

Minimum order a full container.