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For the last two decades the strong Asian demand for wood chips has increased as never before, reaching a CAGR of 14%. Combining the decrease of export volume from Vietnam and Australia, due forest availability and economic restrictions, with the growing in local demand, capacity expansion and domestic substitution, it has created a perfect storm on the Paper and Pulp supply global network. This situation is putting pressure on the natural forest in south east Asia.

In order to make a difference and to protect the environment, BWP is committed to provide new sources of fiber from commercial certified plantations around the globe, to cover the needs of Asia and Europe. Please contact us to discuss a supply program for your plant.


Recently studies expect a world shortage of over 7 million BDMT by 2022 of hardwood chips for the paper and pulp industry. Gap can only be closed by reducing pulp production or by finding new sources of supply. Our focus is on Eucalyptus plantation from south America and Australia.

We work with FSC certified forest of Globulus, Grandis, Dunis, Bentec and Urograndis, with density variation from 470 to 530 kg per m³ Our fiber choice is based on geographic location, logistics and fiber availability.


As any other natural resources, wood demand is increasing all over the world, due to growth in consumption for energy, infrastructure and for the housing markets. However, even been a renewable resource, a commercial forest circle (from planting to harvesting) can take up to 60 years in some parts of the world.

Brazil (our market) due to favorable climatic conditions, soil quality and investments on research and development, has become the most productive country on the growth of wood fiber in the world. (ABRAF). As an example, a pine forest in Brazil has a clear-cut cycle of 15 to 18 years in comparison to 32 years in USA or Canada.

Making the supply more reliable and economical for long term projects. Our pine logs come from plantations and the chips are made with high quality equipment to reach the specifications you are looking for. We are able to supply raw materials for Pulp, OSB, MDF and energy.


We work closely with mills from South America focus on Black Acacia for the extraction of the vegetable tannin to be used on the treatment the leather production process – pre-tanning, tanning and retanning and a wide range of applications. The sub product are high quality woodchips for Pulp, Panels and energy.