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Dimensional lumber

BWP Management team were involved on the creation and on the development of the largest 3PL of wood products in the world (during 2004 to 2009). The company was founded on the trading of dimensional lumber from Europe to USA. Reaching 2.2 million of m3 per year.

The dimensional lumber still on the DNA of BWP SA. Creating and implementing new products for China, India, Vietnam and USA.

If you are interested in dimensional lumber or liquidity for your portfolio, please contact us at:

+55 47 992 373 996


We can provide wood charcoal, with high yield, high quality, homogeneous and at very competitive price. All of our wood come from commercial, certified and sustainable managed plantations in Brazil.

We have a governance to control at origin the wood quality for the charcoal production. We are looking for high density, high heating value (HHV), and low levels of ash.

For more info please contact us:

+55 47 992 373 996

Specification of the Product:
Eucalyptus Wood Charcoal

  • Carbon: 75%- 80%
  • Ash: 3% to 4%
  • Volatile matter: 20% a 25%
  • Bulk density (kgs/m³): 250- to 300kg
  • Average Size (mm) 20 to 50mm
  • Pines content – as received (-6.35 mm)- 10% max.
  • Moisture content – 5%
  • Packaging: 3kg; 5kg; 10kg; 15kg; 20kg; Big Bags or Bulk